Lil Wayne - Loyalty Feat. Gudda Gudda & HoodyBaby [New Song]

It's obvious that Wayne is going to kill this beat from the second it drops. It's almost tailor made for him to dominate, with an minimalist, percussion-based, uptempo arrangement. There's a reason he raps last, and you can almost picture Weezy on the bench, psyching himself up to go in.

That's not to say his compatriots don't bring it, because Gudda Gudda and HoodyBaby kick the In Tune We Trust EP off on a blistering note. Still, it's Weezy's show, and "Loyalty" proves that even after years in the game, some bar-spitting from Lil Wayne is always a refreshing look.

Quotable Lyrics
LW, Lil Wayne, to them, to her, that's length and width
Kill you for me, she will like Jada Pinkett Smith
It's the return of the Blood, 'bout to turn up and thug
We wan' know who got the chicken and show the colonel the gun
Man, my dirty-ass stripper take a bath in ones
Make her milk these fuckin' niggas like some Cap'n Crunch

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