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Kanye West Says JAY-Z Still His Brother-2 Chainz Is A Witness

Kanye West Says JAY-Z Still His Brother-2 Chainz Is A Witness
[17 Bad Room Mate  Character]-Jay and Kanye West has had enough on this diss,even jay 4:44 album was involved in lying on each other face.earlier this month,it happened that 2 Chainz and West family spotted on a dinner table.the night dinner ought to unveil somethings to 2 Chainz but however it did.the pair family and their kids was in California having bit of fun and as a men the two rappers slightly talked about Jay and his 4:44 album.

Is no secret about the discussion with Chainz and Kanye West as 2 Chainz interpret in an interview with DJ Drama recently, the Atlanta rapper spoke briefly about the conversation he had with Kanye over dinner.according to him he prove with some fact he encounter during night visit with Kanye West.

“I knew that when I was going over…But for the most part, we still brothers,” 2 Chainz said. “He had a couple things that was probably personal that he would want me to keep but we talked about the music climate right now. L.A. Reid was over there and everything so for me, it was about going through all the pink trap house pics [from Pretty Girls Like Trap Music’s artwork and marketing material].
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