Is Kim Kardashian Aware Kanye West Caught Leaving Studio With Nearly Naked Woman?

[2pac Alive]Who is cheating on Kim Kardashian?,is that Kanye West?,Kanye West on a cheating swirling against his wife Kim Kardashian as the rumor has it not only that their marriage is not stand at the right rock because if this is true may be they might considering having a marriage divorce.the source told that  Kanye West secretly leave his working place in studio with a naked woman who seem hanging around him,source told.

During that time Kim was so cleaver to figure out actually precipitating with his husband. Rader Online got the photos official as the Kanye West and his side bea took a work to have some refreshment.what could that be that Kanye is still cheating on Kim ?,well Kim always know on her mind but however it looks their marriage is on fire because no one is tell good about the lovers.

Kanye's companion was revealed to be Amina Blue, a model who walked the runway in the Yeezy fashion Show. Amina was seen wearing a grey sweatshirt paired with flip flops and no pants.
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