Drake and Dennis Graham Drop Off Two New Virginia Black Whiskey Ads

Drake still with his No Frauds Team.we open up on Drakes Whiskey teaming up with his daday to were day are tell up about Whiskey.Today comes a new crew of Drake and Dennis Graham running second promotional clips highlighting the rapper's Virginia Black Whiskey, and introducing the senior Graham as the brand's "Realest Dude Ever." also in their recent clip,a video was explaining saying
“You wanna know who’s not worried about The Most Interesting Man in the World? The realest dude ever,” Drake says to the camera. The camera then cuts to Dennis, who is suited and booted, sipping on a glass of VB. “One time, a girl invited me skiing,”
said drake.

Drake is doing to himself by promoting his new whiskey Virginia Black line since last February before have it first time debuted.Since then, he’s shouted the whiskey out in songs like “Gyalchester” and even famously took a swing of Virginia Black after breaking Adele’s record for most individual wins at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.you can also see more about Drake Whiskey Here.
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