Diddy And Donald Trump-'No Issue' But He Don't Expect Him To Save His People

Diddy And Donald Trump-'No Issue'
D Bad Boy Records’ Diddy recently shared his take on President Donald Trump. Rather than bashing the Trumpster, Puff Daddy kept it 92 plus 8 more on the head of state.In a new interview, Puffy said he had no personal issues with President Trump but didn’t expect him to have his people’s best interests in mind.
There was nobody I wanted to support [in this past presidential election]. Nobody understands the state of emergency that’s going on in black America. I just really got turned off about politics. … I haven’t spoken to [President Trump] lately, but I don’t have a problem with Trump. I’m not his enemy or nothing like that, but I’m not expecting Trump to come save my people.” (New York Times)
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