Did Meek Mill Won The Battle Between Drake And Nicki Minaj?

[See Nicki Minaj On To Here]-As Meek Meek and Tyler The Creator battle on No.1 album,he also battle with his album with Nicki Minaj and Drake and he have compare the album with the No Frauds Teams.

Who won the the battle Meek Mill or the No FRAUDS team [Nicki Minaj and Drake]?,now let's talk about the latest news here.in an interview with
99 Meek Mill emphasis about his battle with the team addressing it with his album Wins and Losses.point it out saying that,''is a win'' he replied after a question was asked.do you win the battle with Drake? “That’s a win,” “It’s always a win''.
see the statement below,
There was a lot of people around me before that. They thought it slowed down a little bit. I’m spending cake on these dudes left and right. We going 5-star everything. Foreign everything. The minute it looked like it slowed down, I was in the studio with 3-4 people. Had to hustle and get it back, so I needed to remove them. I won.

“I won the whole situation,” he added. “It made me into a monster. They put my back against the wall…It helped me turn into the next level. I was too comfortable. I had Nicki. I’m getting all this money, living in Beverly Hills, getting high. There was nothing else I wanted, at that point. Now, it’s time to get this money. What the hell was you doing, ni**a? Real talk. Now, I’ma show you what I’m doing. I’ma show you who Meek Mill is.”
He then come for Nicki Minaj and address it like this
“It was a win,” he explained. “I always wanted Nicki my whole life. I used to talk [about it]. I had to rap about it. I bagged that. That was a win, of course.” “Yeah, breaking up with anybody you love is a loss,”
“I come from Philadelphia,” said Mill. “Our O.G.’s don’t get on Instagram, where we from. If they want to say something to someone, they get in contact and they say it, especially if it’s on that level of anger. I worked hard on this album. I don’t think you should be able to go on Instagram and just rant and go crazy and be mentioned in an interview. This is about Wins & Losses…I ain’t really trying to talk about negativity. All I’ll say is that everybody in the industry knows there’s only one way to handle Meek Mill when you see him.”
watch below What Do You Think?
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