Davido Tour 30 billion concert in New York City

Davido Tour 30 billion concert in New York City
[Is Justin Beiber On INJURY?]-Davido TOUR 30 billion world tour kicked off on June 23rd and after the long wait, on July 22nd it finally got to my city, New York and I must say that it was worth the wait. The show was amazing, the venue which was right in the heart of the city was awesome and the turn out even better. 

On arrival at the PlayStation theater to setup with the Amoré press team and prepare for the show we met a welcoming crew backstage and to my right was king Spesh, Davido’s hype man and soon after, I began to spot more members of the “HKN GANG” on the premises.

Suddenly, there was an announcement for everyone to leave the stage and “Mr Nintendo” aka “OMO BABA OLOWO” looking like a 30 billionaire came on stage for rehearsals. He wasn’t playing any games, the band, dancers, and props had to be perfect and with 5 minutes left until show time, he wasn’t going to leave until everything was right. 

The long-awaited show finally started and everybody had to be readmitted by the PlayStation crew. We came out and people were already lined up under the rain with their tickets waiting to get in. 

The organizers were a little bit disorganized as the media teams were held outside under the rain for a few hours, but finally we got in and the first person I saw on stage was “Young Prince”, one of the best Nigerian hosts in the diaspora, and after his opening, the DJs wowed the crowd. Some of the DJs were DJ Obi1, DJ Wav.os from Lagos and of course Davido’s official DJ, DJ Ecool.
They had a few opening acts like New York’s very own “Young Paris” and members of the HKN GANG, Sina Rambo, and King Spesh. The lights were dimmed and King Spesh in the boldest voice ever announced Davido’s entrance and the crowd went crazy. Davido put on an energetic performance and the show was absolutely a success.

Thanks, David for the wonderful performance, with people like you in the music industry soon enough Afrobeat would get the well-deserved global recognition. Africa to the world, one people together, united we stand and divided we fall. Share your opinion and if you attended the concert share your review at the comment section below and join the debate at #AmoréNation community page.

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