Chris Brown React With Action TO Donald Trump "Roughing Up Thugs"

[Watch Nicki Minaj New Viedo]Chris Brown is not supporting Donald Trump on his "Roughing Up Thugs",in fact breezy feels freeze over the new America president. Just on Friday which was few days back that Chris Brown shared incendiary remarks from Trump's Friday speech to members of law enforcement on Long Island, captioning the video with.following the video Breezy of Loyalty said that

"WHAT IN THE ACTUAL F**K?????! HE GIVING POLICE MORE RIGHT TO F**K UP YOUNG BLACK MEN!! S**T IS CRAZZY!!! this is not how u make peace or any kind of help. Please wake up people!"
But did he have to use the world ''BLACK PEOPLE'' that has been the main point Chris Brown pointing at specially elaborating on "thugs,"meaning that the President doesn't think that police have to be "too nice" to anyone who's a murderer, no matter their racial background. Still, it's yet another dose of controversy for the most powerful man in the United States.
Watch a video clip from Chris Brown Below
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