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Celine Dion Spark Dating Rumor With Backup Dancer Pepe Munoz?

Celine Dion Spark Dating Rumor With Backup Dancer Pepe Munoz?
[Jay z Puma Deal]-What's new in the relationship with Celine Dion? after that series years her husband left her on earth but it seem the 49 year old woman really want to continue with a new relationship with Backup Dancer Pepe extremely surprise, because some fans are yet to believe that the old woman had a new spark.they were figured hanging out enjoying for just in a moment in Paris.[Photo Of Celine Dion Here]

It was also believed  that the pair been together for some while,and Pepe after been called along with Celine Dion by personal assistant who is acting a guide for her.just a surprise after that time everything change to good between the singer and the dancer.

We also acknowledge from TMZ that the relationship is coming that serious as source to the TMZ. "is completely platonic." someone comment about the pair lovebird.Celine so told that her relationship with the dancer won't last that long after she told that she's on a dating with Pepe Munoz.on her comment
"Now it is definitely too soon for me. I am definitely in love with him [Rene], married to him,"
She also lamented in a good fondness during the THESUN interview

"He's the love of my life. It's very difficult for me to see myself with another person. The love that I have for him, I live it every day. And as a woman, we do have emotions and feelings that come and go. And it's always with him."

watch the comment with thesun the songbird seem remembering her husband but had no other option to stay accompany with another man though she said is just for some moment which means that she's not dating like no other.

Backup Dancer Pepe Munoz also brings some deets on table about his dating with Celine Dion during the interview with VOGUE.He said that
"I'm going to be honest, I was freaking out [during first dance practice with Celine],"

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