Blac Chyna Returning Luxury Cars and Jewelry to Rob Kardashian After His Online Rant

Blac Chyna Returning Luxury Cars and Jewelry
Blac Chyna immediately returned her luxury cars to ex Rob Kardashian after his online rampage last week. Page Six is the first to report that the former stripper has said she won't let her baby daddy "buy" her after he boasted about spending nearly a million dollars while posting revenge porn of her on Instagram last week. In one of his posts which featured naked photos of Chyna, Rob claimed that he "bought her 250K of jewelry."

The 30-year-old sock designer wrote, "I pay lambo. Ferrari. Down payment on the rolls ... That Ferrari that u pretend u got yourself." In an interview with "Good Morning America", the first part of which aired Monday, July 10, Chyna said, "Once he posted all these things on the Internet, I had my two assistants drive the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, and took all the jewelry back to his house.

Actually, to his mother's [Kris Jenner] house, and had it dropped off." "And I also gave him back his wedding ring," the 29-year-old model/reality TV star continued. "Because I'm not gonna let this man buy me - or make it seem like he could just buy me and give me gifts and treat me any way, and talk to me nasty."

A judge has granted Chyna a temporary restraining order against Rob, which prevents him from cyberbullying her. After the hearing, Rob's attorney Robert Shapiro said, "We agreed to stipulate to the temporary restraining order and all conditions attached thereto ..." "I personally on Robert Kardashian's behalf apologized and offered our regrets for what has taken place in the past couple of days, and now we move forward to do one thing and one thing only: whatever's in the best interest of this child," added the lawyer.

Chyna's lawyer Lisa Bloom said that they're working out a formal arrangement for co-parenting the exes' 8-month-old daughter Dream. "She's not trying to prevent Rob from seeing his baby," Bloom said. "She believes a father should stay in contact with his child ... She wants to have a healthy, peaceful co-parenting relationship."

During her interview with "Good Morning America", however, Chyna revealed that Rob has only been to her home twice. "Okay, so Robert has only been to my house two times. One to see where his daughter will be laying her head at, out of respect, number one. Number two, the second time that Robert has ever been to my house was on Father's Day," she said. "Yes, we are broken up. And guess what? I'm a very nice person," she added. "And I wanted him, Dream and I to spend Father's Day together. Because at the end of the day, he is a good father. I'm not gonna take that away from him."
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