50 Cent Reportedly Just Sold His Stake In Effen Vodka For $60 Million

[Chris Brown Flaunt His Wealth See Here]-It has been another swirling that  Effen Vodka CEO has given out his Stake for about 60 Million worth of dollars.there's no reasonable prove yet as everyone are expecting to verify from FIFI himself.Most of the online news believed that he sold it off owing to some necessary issues and FIFI is yet to render his own reputation as many keep nagging it up.

An insider closer to FIFI Cent,explained that 50 Cent reportedly just sold his minority stake in Effen Vodka for $60 million. The news was revealed during a segment of the Breakfast Club radio program's "Rumor Report". The story has since been repeated by outlets like Vibe and Complex.com, though it should be noted that those outlets are just repeating the same info they heard on the Breakfast Club.

According to the report, the deal was actually finalized last month and just a few hours ago, 50 addressed the rumors directly by leaving a comment on DJ Envy's Instagram page. In his comment, 50 said he's still involved with the brand but "just got some cake out of the deal". Not exactly a clear confirmation of the $60 million number, but also not a denial.
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