16 things that can ruin a film when you're watching it

1. When someone says, “I’ll call you,” to someone they just met but they don’t exchange numbers and you start worrying about how they’ll get in touch.

2. When a character  drives home even though they just had a couple of drinks and… it goes unmentioned. What if you get breathalysed?!?

3. When a gal keeps her bra on in bed during sex.

4. When a woman has sex and immediately changes into her boyfriend’s work shirt to saunter around the flat.

5. When two characters meet for “lunch,” have a two minute confrontation and leave without eating anything. (Not before throwing a wad of bills on the counter, of course.)

6. When someone uses a weird substitute curse like “BS” that nobody uses in real life.

7. When a character rushes into the kitchen, takes two bites of a slice of toast, a slug of orange juice and goes on their way. Eat your bloody breakfast!

8. When a character uses a search engine that isn’t Google.
9. When someone sips coffee from what is very clearly an empty cup.

10. When a girl wakes up in the morning after a night of debauchery with perfectly shaggy hair and barely smudged makeup.

11. When someone hangs up the phone without saying goodbye.

12. When a character rocks into a bar or coffee shop and says “The usual”.

13. When characters read the messages they’re typing out loud. As if you’re really going to sit in your bedroom and whisper every message you’re typing out loud.

14. When people sweep loads of objects off a table/counter top in a moment of frustration. What if you break something!

15. When a character pursuing a musical career is played by an actor who is only alright at singing and you’re supposed to believe all the other characters who are like, “Wow, you have a gift.”

16. When they do a closeup on a family photo that’s very obviously photoshopped.

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