13 Top-stars Who Really Hate Their Massive Hit Song

13 Top-stars Who Really Hate Their Massive Hit Song

No.1.RADIOHEAD, "CREEP" (1992)

Thom Yorke had a nickname for the breakthrough smash he wrote while a student at Exeter University in 1987: “Crap.” Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood admitted he considered the song “wimpy” even as they were recording it, and played a trio of loud distorted guitar hits as a joke to sabotage the song. "That's the sound of Jonny trying to f--- the song up,” band member Ed O’Brien once explained. “He really didn't like it the first time we played it, so he tried spoiling it.” Rather than ruining it, it added a menacing edge to the otherwise gentle verse, and the sweet and sour blend helped vault it to the top of the charts.
Creep” became a mainstay of the band’s set for much of the mid-‘90s, but by the time they toured their 1997 album OK Computer, they had grown to loathe performing it. When the crowd in Montréal shouted requests for it, Yorke responded by saying, “F--- off, we're tired of it!" They went seven years without performing the song live, before dusting it off in 2016 for their tour promoting their album A Moon Shaped Pool. Yorke’s attitude towards the song has softened—somewhat. "It can be cool sometimes, but other times I want to stop halfway through and be like, 'Nah, this isn't happening,'" he told Rolling Stone in 2017.


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