You Don't Have To Take This Risk Safaree,Meek Mill Entourage Warn Him To Stay Away Days Prior To Altercation

This are seriously getting bad,probably for Safaree,a lot things is going wrongly to Safaree after encountering with Meek Mill.last time Meek Mill told us that he don't fight,that he is a Don that don't even know what do with safaree.Now in a new report,Meek Mill Entourage have sent in warning to Sarfree to stay away Days Prior To Altercation as the source has it.

According to TMZ GROUP,Meek Mill group/crew said to safaree to back off in this BET alteration went down during BET weekend, but he ultimately didn’t listen.

A source told TMZ that Meek's crew delivered a message to Safaree days before the BET Awards weekend kicked off to stay away from them or else. TMZ’s Safaree sources tell them "SB" didn't flinch when he heard the threat and wasn't gonna look like a punk and hide out.

TMZ was informed that the beef at this point is way beyond Nicki Minaj unsurprisingly. It's gotten very personal following the exchanges of verbal jabs over the past year from both artists. However, Meek has denied any involvement in the altercation, “ain't no beef” he said last night to a TMZ cameraman. We’ll continue to keep you posted with any further developments. In the meantime, relive the fight once again right here.
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