Remy Ma Totally Expects Nicki Minaj's Diss at NBA Awards

The feud-fest between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj continues. After Remy broke Nicki's winning streak as the Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at BET Awards, Nicki fired back at Remy by performing a medley of diss tracks at the 2017 NBA Awards. The Young Money femcee channeled her inner goddess as she performed "Realize" with 2 Chainz, before belting out "No Frauds" and "Swish Swish". Surprisingly, Remy is not annoyed at Nicki's recent diss. In fact, she totally expected it.

"Remy Ma was totally expecting Nicki's latest diss - she would have been disappointed if it hadn't happened," a source tells "These two are kind of obsessed with each other, it's like one of those weird feuding neighbor shows you see on TV where one of them ends up murdering the other over a broken beer bottle on their driveway." The feud between the two female rappers has happened since forever, and they have so far showed no signs of stopping soon.

"No one can even remember why it really started at this point, but they've had beef for over a decade!" the source adds. "And, make no mistake, this isn't some love/hate kind of relationship, or for publicity purposes - they really, truly hate each other with a passion." Remy is probably happier now after knowing that Nicki was pissed off over her victory at BET.

"Remy Ma backstage was ecstatic over her win," a source previously shared. "She was overheard saying she felt vindicated winning and that everything she has been doing has been the right thing to do and she is on the right path. She believes wholeheartedly that it was meant to be and loved beating Nicki. That made it extra special."
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