More People Will Die' In New Ep. 306 On Fear the Walking Dead

More People Will Die' In New  Ep. 306 On Fear the Walking Dead
Madison, Alicia and Nick still have a reason to fear for their safety at the ranch. While Troy doesn't hold back in showing his violent side, his father Jeremiah is still as shady as ever. In a preview for the next episode of "Fear the Walking Dead", the Otto patriarch who seems to be drunk is pointing a gun at Nick for an unknown reason.

Meanwhile, a man appears to try to escape, but gets caught. Madison tells the man, "You leave, you'll die."

The man responds, "He slaughtered them. They're all dead!" While it's unclear who the man is talking about, what the man says seems to echo Alicia's concern. Madison's daughter asserts as she speaks to Jake, "He killed your people.

He was trying to kill you." But Jake doesn't seem to be worried a bit as he says, "More people will die." Another scene shows Madison watching as Troy punches someone in the face.
In another sneak peek for the episode, Jake and Alicia talk about the future of the ranch as he teaches her how to shoot. "Red Dirt" airs Sunday, July 2 at 9/8c on AMC. According to the official synopsis, "news of incoming danger spreads throughout the community, as Madison struggles to keep everyone together. Meanwhile, Nick grapples with a hard truth."
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