Lil' Kim Suspected After BET Awards Party House Robbery

Lil' Kim Suspected After BET Awards Party House Robbery
"Big Momma Thang" is encounter some series of lines now after her entourage people reported in a BET Awards Party House Robbery.Lil' Kim Crew was able to robe who was on her walk during the Bet award Sunday and most of the people involved was said to be in group with Lil' Kim.

 Lil' Kim who rented an apartment for herself and her crew was not able to feel comfortable with room given to her and a point she called the head of that very house seeking back in return of her money which the man didn't give to her.police were called. However, the police left after telling them they had to resolve the problem by themselves as it was a civil matter.

At 4 A.M., a group of people wearing ski masks showed up at the house with weapons and stole Kim's deposit check and cash which amounted to at least $20,000. The robbers also reportedly vandalized the victim's car by slashing all of its tires and stealing a hubcap.

As this case may be, Lil' Kim is not the only person who has engaged in a bad egg with this bet ward,we also reported that Nicki Minaj was also trying to rig the awards which was finally found out by bet officials.Nicki Minaj team counted on her trying to highjack for in other to keep the award going only for her. 
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