Lady Luck Accuses Remy Ma Of Being A Hypocrite! For Going Against Nicki Minaj

For a very long time Lady Luck is yet to wave the issue with Remy aside,is taking too for that to precipitate though if we are to draw the news more closer,Nicki and Remy never had enough of their beef and that's why many singers/rappers who stand for Remy Ma or Nicki Minaj will continue to back anyone acting as an opponent.

Remy Ma is a Hypocrite!,she said (Lady Luck) .she has taken time to not only call out Remy on Twitter, but to also debate folks on where she stands as a female in Hip Hop, and on Remy’s antics.the woman in question slammed so for Ramy Ma going against Nicki Minaj.

She said
“So @RealRemyMa is on a campaign against a female rapper for doing What she tried doing to me 😂😂 #Karma,” tweeted Luck.
She went on to tweet that Remy was allegedly too much of a punk to film with her on Love & Hip Hop because she was afraid of being exposed by Luck.see the captured photo

Lady Luck sounds like she’s pretty bothered, but she better leave Remy Ma alone. LOL. What are your thoughts? Does she have any points?

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