Kendrick Lamar "Element" Video Hits Online Watch Now

Kendrick Lamar "Element" Video Hits Online Watch Now
For sometimes now Kendrick Lamar who claimed to be the new world 2pac is seriously working assiduously to claim what he is sticking Top has,many shows and highlights which Lamar can be counted on is already proven that he means any single word coming from him.However K.L will continue to make good impression in his music life and he has finally don in the anticipated video in name Element.Element is a new video by Kung Fu Kenny known as Kendrick Lamar.

The video "Element" is directed by Jonas Lindstroem & The Little Homies, and features an aesthetic that's heavy on the artistic visuals. The cinematography is stunning, with excellent use of framing, lighting, and editing. Some shots and images exist on the more thematic, metaphorical side of the spectrum, while others are far more grounded in realism, flirting with the current sociopolitical zeitgeist.

Despite the clips surreal aesthetic, Kendrick keeps it Compton as per usual, featuring a similar crowd of gangbangers as seen on the iconic To Pimp A Butterfly cover. The video is straight up excellent, and breathes a new life into a DAMN. highlight. Do not sleep on this the video below
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