Beyonce's Twins Were Born Premature?

Beyonce gave birth last week, but there is still a buzz regarding to her twins.according to multiple reports, Beyonce babies haven't been able to come home yet owing to some issue as the an insider has. TMZ first reported that a "minor issue" was keeping Bey and the babies in the hospital, and now they've learned from sources close to the family that the issue stems from their premature birth.

Bey reportedly didn't carry the babies to full-term — though no one knows how early they were born — and the twins are currently "under the lights." What this most likely means is that the babies have jaundice due to elevated bilirubin levels, which is common for babies who are born premature; the lights are used to lower the bilirubin levels. Luckily, jaundice isn't usually something to worry too much about, so Bey's babies will hopefully be getting discharged in no time.
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