About 18 Hilarious Things Justin Bieber Set In Catch Off Guard

About 18 Hilarious Things Justin Bieber Set In Catch Off Guard
Justin bieber can be such racist when it comes to public things,dailyedge explained that Justin has given everyone from every walk of life a myriad of reasons to dislike them through his ongoing criminal, bizarre and petulant carry-on. He is Canada’s Brian McFadden.Let’s take a look back on some of the weirdest things that Bieber has allegedly done and wonder why he is not in prison yet.We think there's somethings you need to know about him.

No.1Got a monkey and abandoned it in a foreign country

No.2Punched a cake on the set of CSI

No.3Ordered his bodyguards to carry him along The Great Wall of China

No.4He made a couple of racist videos

No.5That time he got dreadlocks

No.6Posted a photo of him painting what many people considered to be racist graffiti
No.7He spat on fans from a balcony

No.8He also allegedly spat on a neighbour

No.9And he allegedly spat in a woman’s drink at the gym too
No.10Ok last one about spit – he spat on a DJ who he thought was taking photos of him

No.11 He said that he doesn’t believe in abortions and that rape happens for a reason

No.12He got banned for life from a skydiving facility

No.13He hotboxed his private jet despite warnings from the pilots

No.14Urinated in a mop bucket before proceeding to say “F**k Bill Clinton”

No15He got a DUI and smiled in his mugshot

No.16Got jealous of Prince being the centre of attention following his death

No.17Said he hoped that Anne Frank would have been a belieber

No18Punched a fan in the face and made them bleed

This waw i think in some part he really act hilarious,which number do you think you misbehaved wrongly?. share with your friend and and guess what.dailyedge.ie

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