17 Bad Characters You Will Encounter With A Room Mate

17 Bad Characters That You Will See With A Room Mate
1. You’ll see people eating food combinations you never thought were possible

2. There will never not be clothes on the airer

3. Someone will turn on the shower the very second you motivate yourself to get up for a wee

4. Similarly, everyone will always be desperate to do a wash at the same time


Source: Twitter/Al

5. You will be absolutely enraged by a wanton act of food thievery

6. …But you will also take an egg from a random carton in the fridge because ah here it’s just an egg

7. You will constantly be removing obscene amounts of hair from the shower plughole

8. There will be tense talks over who has to ring the landlord when something breaks, AKA The Worst Task

9. The fridge will fill up with moulding leftovers and soggy veg, and no one will take ownership of any of it

10. There will always be someone who is happy to have the heating on all day

11. And another will shiver in five jumpers rather than switching it on

12. Someone’s parents will come in for a visit, and you’ll feel a bit like this:

Source: Know Your Meme

13. The walls are always thinner than you’d think

14. You’ll either be the person who leaves the Big Light on… or the person who has a fit every time they see the Big Light’s been left on

15. The whole house will be locked in an intense standoff over who tackles the dishes in the sink. Who will break first?

16. Some chancer will always manage to slink out of the deep clean. Oh did you book a gym class on that night, Brendan? VERY CONVENIENT
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