12 Best Moment With Harry Potter

12 Best Moment With Harry Potter
TWENTY YEARS AGO today, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released, and it’s been delighting millions ever since.

harry potter Source: Wikia
Author JK Rowling commemorated the anniversary with a simple yet beautiful tweet:
Tweet by @J.K. Rowling Source: J.K. Rowling/Twitter
No – thank YOU, Joanne. Without you, Potterheads wouldn’t have all these wonderful memories to treasure.

1. Going to every midnight release

Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix Source: PA Archive/PA Images
A new book AND being let stay up late. We had truly hit the motherlode.

2. Taking immense pride in how quickly you could devour them

Harry Potter sale London Source: PA Archive/PA Images
You’d work through the night if you had to! (And if your parents didn’t catch you.)

3. And plugging your ears against spoilers if you couldn’t devour them quickly enough

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Book Launch Look at her there reading ahead! The scoundrel! Source: PA Archive/PA Images
There was always someone who had to blab. But imagine if they came out today! The books would be ruined for the whole world by a minute past midnight.

4. Dreading being in-between books, when people would speculate on which characters Rowling was going to kill off

hagrid Source: Wikia
People were always saying it would be Hagrid. They’d bet the house on it! And they were wrong, every time.

5. Thinking long and hard about what house you would be sorted into

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And becoming super smug if you were proved right when the Pottermore Sorting Quiz arrived.

6. Begging your parents for some HP swag

s-l500 Source: eBay
Before Daniel Radcliffe’s face was Harry’s face, we had this. That’s our Harry.

7. And that range of sweets that came out for a minute in 2001

‘Real’ chocolate frogs and Every Flavour Beans!
Source: Narvii
Sherbet Lemons were tasty. You could see why Dumbledore loved them so.

8. Being in absolute disbelief that you were not going to be in the movies

Harry Potter anniversary 
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How dare these brats take the parts that you did not audition for and certainly would not have gotten. The audacity.

9. But going to see them anyway, despite your trepidation

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Of course you were completely enthralled. Was there ever a real possibility that you wouldn’t be?

10. And sobbing through the final premiere in 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 UK Film Premiere - London 
JK Rowling and Emma Watson, bawling Source: PA Archive/PA Images
“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” Ah HERE.

11. Getting the books out again every couple of years, just when your memory is getting hazy

Instagram post by Lauren Skillman * Jun 26, 2017 at 5:44pm UTC 
 Source: Instagram/laurenskillman
The ultimate comfort.

12. And finding that the thrill of the story never fades

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What were Harry and Ron thinking stealing the Ford Anglia? How could Wormtail have gotten away? And why haven’t you got your Hogwarts letter yet?
Happy 20th anniversary, Harry! Thanks for everything. <3

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