Your Music Is So Trash in a Reply You are So Fake amber rose and Tyga exchanged bullet

 amber  calls tyga trash music
Amber rose must got something in mind for releasing sort of killing bullet.what's Kylie Jenner gonna talk about this seeing amber rose putting a hogwash to the ex.So far so bad the pair celebs has exchanged that killing point which seem a punchline given to themselves respectively.Amber rose was once rumored about his ex wiz were the rumor has it that she order the DJ on deck not to play any hit from wiz and kanye west and this time she came back for Tyga who is Missing the ex lover Kylie Jenner

Your Music Is So Trash in a Reply You are So Fake,the heading was as the result of Amber rose calling Tyga's  Music a the source gave the the account,Amber said that tyga music became Trash after waving hand with the ex lover before Kylie Jenner which is Blac Chyna who undergoes a radical Liposuctio.Now having said the above subtext by amber rose Tyga feels extremely ignite to fire back by calling her so fake,yeah called her that.

The controversial tweet was posted on Amber's Twitter on Wednesday, May 17. "Dear @Tyga ever since you left @BlacChyna your music has been [trash]. It's always been trash just more than usual," it read.

"For starters, Amber's so fake. She was always bumping his music and telling him how great he sounded and how cute he is back when he was with Chyna," a source close to Tyga told "But it's cool though. Tyga thinks she should focus on trying to get a man and actually keep him then worrying about what his music sounds like."

But understanding
he actually need for his is this,Tyga don't even like it when someone out their disrespecting him or stalking deeply about him.source also said that he reply the instagram post by amber rose in other to show he feels.
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