Why Amber Rose Ban DJ From Playing Wiz Khalifa & Kanye West

amber rose stopped dj not playing iz Khalifa and Kanye West music
This is a serious case but what can be the major factor why amber roses set it off-limit telling the DJ ON DECK not to play any music from the Ex Wiz Khalifa during her gig ora party in Miami.very clear that is because of the separation between her and Wiz Khalifa and as for Kanye west that's another story to tell.

Amber is just busy doing what she want to the extent she order Dj not to play any music from Khalifa & Kanye West.people slammed the her act that moment because most of the attendant at the part definitely a bit track coming from  Wiz Khalifa Kanye West but it was fortunate that the secret online dating denied them chance of hearing any hit from her ex lover.

No Kanye, and definitely No Wiz songs. She wanted the night to be about herself and she succeeded,”she said.what do you think?
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