Who Is The Richest Man Ever Hip Hop,Diddy Took The Question Alone

Who Is The Richest Man Ever Hip Hop,Diddy Took The Question Alone
Sean “Diddy” have claimed the best ever hip-hop in,though he never made this that official but he comb himself one of the top leading richest man in HIP HOP today.

Recalling our last update with Jay Z and the wife bey,they both made the Ransom  ($810 million) as couple but diddy also got price.diddy, was at the top of the list once again beating out Jay Z ($810 million) and Dr. Dre ($740 million), with a staggering net worth of over $820 million, thanks to his investments in Revolt TV, his liquor companies Ciroc and DeLeon and other ventures.

Diddy top the list and also clear the during an interview,he said how his hard work made him to get to that level beating most of the hip hop stars with no comparison.

“For me it’s about the things that I could do with the success that I’ve had, like opening up a charter school, capital prep in Harlem and donating $1 million to my alumni. I’m really passionate about that.”
In addition to actually giving some of the money away, Diddy recognized that he was inspiring a new generation of locals and entrepreneurs.
“at the same time I do think that when my people see people that look like us on that list on Forbes and doing business really the right way, they get inspired, so no apologies.””
So do you think he is the the richest man in hip hop today?
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