Who Is The Next 2pac?,Kendrick Lamar

Is Kendrick Lamar The New Tupac?
Who is the next 2pac was a question that we are asking after encountering some series of twitter users with their respective tweet.who is comparing the old legend with that one of the greatest rapper today alive.Kendrick Lamar is boost up with the equalizer that seem to be the same with 2pac when it comes to rap battle even naturally.

K. Dot is certainly one of the greatest today, and he’s already being included in some people’s greatest rappers of all time lists. However to most, he’s still no Tupac.

some by name Lillard tweeted

But so far,some think Kendrick Lamar is a better rapper, but Pac has better songs! What are your thoughts? Oh yeah! Kendall Jenner also came under fire for calling Tupac her spirit animal. She’s having a bad year between the Pepsi blunder and this. LOL. Carry on!,well below will tell us what we have to say about this
Who Is The Next 2pac?,Kendrick LamarWho Is The Next 2pac?,Kendrick Lamar

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