Ugandans Warns Wizkid To Back off with His Two Free show

Don't bother coming to Uganda, Wizkid told
Wizkid has fall a victim to Ugandans,the pop star is undergoing a dispute with people in Uganda over that series of show which surface as a bad event that was set off standing by more details,we will continue to remember that very day when it seem that bad with Ugandan events promoter threatened to get Wizkid jailed over an aborted show at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

It sound funny never but but seem that way because the show was hated my wizkid with one or two problem.the star wizkid would have been jailed by now for collecting that ransom of money from fans who lives in Uganda for about
25,000 yet the show is hated and even canceled.

Well,after encounter this dash from him,wizkid went on to show a sorry comment by promising to make it up to them with two free show.this seem bad to Ugandans because they aready disappointed for the first time yet he is coming again but time is a free over there in Uganda reject that after hearing him out saying,

“I am doing free shows in Uganda this year. Two days free to make up for last time,” Wizkid announced through his Twitter handle this week, this massage was twit on twitter “We moved on. Come with your own audience,” someone replied after wizkid twit .

Wizkid might be rejected in any Uganda show that hes thinking to have over also promise him that they they are about run an election and as for his show it show be consider letter. (We are thinking of elections. We will consider your story later),” another fan commented.
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