Tyga is feeling bad about Kylie Jenner 'Blossoming Romance' with Travis Scott

Tyga is feeling bad about Kylie Jenner 'Blossoming Romance' with Travis Scott
Uhm is getting so real and so stronger as Kylie Jenner rocking it hard to show Tyga what he is actually missing around her.Kylie was caught on a camera with her $400K Lamborghini during the weekend.she flaunt it harder with the yellow Lambo and also showing a bit of sexy occurrence during the trip with her friend.

Tyga the Act Ghetto is feeling hurt over Kylie for her acceptance in relationship with Travis Scott.remember that Travis is feeling untruest over Kylie Jenner after he told her to leave Tyga in all social media network,though Travis may have gotten prove of Kylie loving him the he expected and that truly getting the man in Ex angry. 
iN new report Tyga is not happy about Kylie Jenner 'Blossoming Romance' with Scott,it hurt him,made him to see it as she's disrespecting him for all cost,he is bearing the aftermath him dating with Kylie and as far as he's  out with Jenner he's done with Kylie source said

Source further tell HollywoodLife.com . "Her doing the most for Travis on his birthday was the nail in the coffin. He was hurt!" Citing the source, the webloid further asserts that Kylie's being "real shady and disrespectful" to him as she continues to flaunt her romance with Travis. "She deliberately took him to a hotspot, she knew they'd be photographed together, and that really hurt Tyga seeing them so happy together and her celebrating the next man's birthday," the source continues.

"For him, too much damage has been done." Though Tyga is mad at Kylie, the "Hookah" rapper reportedly still loves Kylie and always will. "But he's over her," the source adds. Kylie celebrated Travis' 25th birthday with their close pals, including Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and more, at Italian restaurant Cipriani over the weekend. Prior to heading out for the dinner, Kylie and Travis packed on the PDA in Boston, where the "Antidote" rapper performed a concert at Bentley University.
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