Tyga and Kylie Jenner is a switch controller in celebrity dating

The off and on Tyga
and Kylie Jenner is a switch controller they are reportedly
back together and they are now in an open relationship. According to an insider, Kylie still wants Tyga back although he's been cheating on her the whole time they've been apart.

"This is the same dynamic Kourtney and Scott had, where she'd take his cheating and fool herself into thinking no long-term damage was being done because there aren't any feelings involved," the insider explains.

"The truth is Tyga’s been cheating for years and Kylie's only just realized it," the insider tells Radar Online, "But even so she's not giving up and still hooks up with him when he's in the mood. Right now they've got this creepy open romance thing going on, which suits Tyga down to the ground of course."

Kylie has been romantically linked to (II) since her split from Tyga. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star was recently spotted making out with the "Antidote" rapper while he performed at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami.

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