Top 10 Celebrities Who Value Their Fans

Top 10 Celebrities Who Value Their Fans
Talking about celebrities who value their fans after acknowledging the alliance with them all.Most of the celebrities truly realize that fans is the key to their major success in their celebrating lives and given each of everyone of them the clear vision which tells the truth about their excelling point.

Let's just have it at the front that all celebrities own the fans no matter what.they give you the personalty that prove whom you are,they act like a servant even take you as the inspiration of their lives.

Any celeb why find it that difficult to pay back or make Creepy feeling to his or her fans worth no value.Nicki Minaj just made us to recall the past celebrities who have given back to their fans with that great horned Spearhead.let take a peek below with the first person to the last 10.


On a special December day in 2013, Queen Bey was feeling very generous when she surprised shoppers at a Walmart in Tewksbury, MA. Reportedly, she shelled out $50 to contribute to each customer’s purchase. She also bought a copy of her eponymous self titled Beyonce album, and grabbed some things for Blue. This was a Christmas to remember.

2.Big Sean

The man born Sean Micheal Leonard Anderson definitely came through for his hometown on this one. The I Decided rapper raised $100,000 back in January of this year for the Flint water crisis. It’s major feat for the Detroit native to give back to his fellow Michighan natives who are caught in this dire circumstance. “That situation wasn't a natural disaster,” he said of the water crisis on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. “It's something that should've been prevented and could've been prevented, so it's just disgusting to think about the damages that these families and even kids have to go through with the lead poisoning."


During her Anti world tour stop in Cincinnati, OH, Rih Rih gave one lucky fan the chance (and spotlight) of a lifetime when she handed her microphone to him. Terah Stewart sang a line from “FourFiveSeconds,” and sent Rihanna into a pleasantly surprised state of mind, simultaneously making seismic waves through a viral video of the sing along online.

4.Lady Gaga

ince the inception of her career, Lady Gaga has ferociously represented the LGBTQ community. Last year, the “Born This Way” singer continued supporting queer people by stopping at Ali Forney Center, a homeless shelter and drop-in center for LGBT youth in New York City. Alongside, her light spirit sprinkled with gems of inspirational words, she also brought the kids presents. “These children are not just homeless or in need; many of them are trauma survivors. They’ve been rejected in some type of way,” Gaga said in an interview with TODAY. “My own trauma in my life has helped me understand the trauma of others.”


For Thanksgiving dinner last year, Madonna visited a group of homeless LGBT youth at an Ali Forney homeless center in Brooklyn. It’s worth noting that on the onset of the AIDS crisis in the 80’s and early 90’s, she took it upon herself to become an ally to the LGBT community. Her mission was to push for equality for all—regardless of sexual orientation or gender while promoting safe sex. She choose her art to serve as a vessel to relay these messages of acceptance to the world. Years later, she’s still a prominent figure in the community.


Back in 2014, J.Cole embarked on his “F**k Money Spread Love” tour along the east coast from New York City to Houston. While on the road, he made it a point to grab lunch with fans, sign copies of their CD’s and listen to D’Angelo’s Black Messiah record—which dropped on December 15 of that same year. Additionally, he also trekked up to Ferguson to show his support during protests when Michael Brown was killed. Jermaine, kudos to you for always being so thoughtful.

7.Chance The Rapper

Being the son of a politician and one of the wokest rappers around, it’s no surprise Chano would do something for his hometown. In March, the three time Grammy award winning rapper donated a hefty $1 million to Chicago public schools. "As a kid from West Chatham, from the South Side literally three blocks away from here, it's pretty serendipitous to be here today. I'm proud to announce that I am donating $1 million to CPS to support arts and enrichment programming," he said, according to the Los Angeles Times.

8.The Game

Like Big Sean, The Game also donated to the Flint water crisis. Through his charity, Robin Hood Project, the Compton rapper raised up to $500K, which marked the highest contribution any celebrity gave to the cause. Despite his deep Cali roots, the crisis was something that hit home for him. “My sister lives in Flint with my nieces and nephews and her husband, and so it directly affected me,” he told The Daily Beast. “I’ve got friends who are still stuck there, too.”

9.Kanye West

Back in 2015, Ye donated a hefty $133,000 from the proceeds he made with his Louis Vuitton Foundation concert series to a Chicago based non-profit, Donda’s House. West co-founded the organization, which caters to youth programming around the city.

10.Jhene Aiko

In 2014, Jhene gave about 50 of her fans a surprise concert in one of West Hollywood’s marijuana dispensaries. Reportedly, Aiko got on Instagram and Twitter an hour before the show to invite fans over. According to the Los Angeles Times, no one was legit smoking, but edibles were present. With her deep dark love infused storytelling, we’re sure the petit tatted vocalist sailed away the audience into a hazy love infused fog.

Bounce .Nicki Minaj

Nicki AkA Lewinsky (Nicki minaj) is that good as she pay out some bills to her followers on twitter.the weekend was a beautiful week to most of her fans who are lucky to meet her online at that moment.The No Frauds self Queen of rap offer offered up more than $20,000 in student loans for about 12 of her Twitter followers as long as they had Straight A’s in school or something close to a 4.0 grade point average.

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