T.I. gave a good mouthwash to Lil Wayne after black-lashing him last year

Recalling on November 2017,T.I.P talked about Lil Wayne black life issue,though it was a very big hogwash to wheezy having T.I talking about him but seem that not clear him.now to show a good feeling for Lil Wayne,he then came up with a good pen in to Lil,here is what he gat.

“Well, um, to answer your first question, I ain’t spoke to lil’ bro. That was probably one of the most difficult responses or one of the most difficult tasks I have been faced with – just like I said earlier with the Donald Trump thing, I was speaking to him but I know that my words weren’t necessarily going to affect him as much as they would the people who were following behind. We can’t allow the fans and followers of lil’ bro to think that ‘Okay, well if he said it and don’t nobody address it, it must be cool. So then I can go ahead and feel like this too.’ But no, then you got a little army of people going around and that’s counterproductive to the movement. I just wanted to let people know, ‘No this ain’t right. This ain’t cool. This ain’t what’s up.’ It wasn’t even in any way for me to attempt to be disrespectful to him but just to let everybody know this ain’t cool.”
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