T.I. Don't need any Advice in His Divorce Issue with Tiny Harris

T.I. Don't need and advice in his Divorce issue with Tiny Harris
T.I. OK with the divorce issue with Tiny Harris,previously about T.I we report that Tiny is breaking her mind over T.I relationship with her,however he is too cool with Tiny made up but never want to seek and personal advice from any single.

T.I can be strict on or may bounce on someone if any try to rise up his issue regarding to his current situation with Tiny.he awkwardly took it over the weekend to deliver some very strong words for everyone on social media who's been weighing in on his personal life.
"News flash: If I didn't call you to ask your opinion on whether or not I should get married, before I got married, please don't expect me to listen to your motherf*ckin opinion on whether or not I should be married," he said. "End of message."
T.I:If I didn't need your blessings to get married.... if I didn't ask YOU what I should do then.... What makes you think I need your advice now? Just sit back & watch the show in silence. Put ya phone on vibrate & extra butter on ya popcorn. #HustleGangTour otw Birmingham,Al tonight WE LITπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ & #FamilyHustle Mon 10/9ct @vh1 Aside

Check out the video below.
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