Skepta’s Mom Is Writing for Nigeria,She Knows something about Nigeria Civil War

Skepta’s Mom  Nigeria Civil War
Award winning Skepta’s Mom has finally open about how she find her way out during the death our which is the Nigeria Civil War.if someone should tells the story about any Civil War i think is a pretty to listen specially when he or she claimed to be right presence during that time.

Skepta’s Mom has grasp it harder that she knows it all and also move forward to speak though that book she intend to write.

Ivy Adenuga has penned her life story, according to the rapper, which details the lengths she went to to avoid violence in her homeland before she became a mom.during some previous night in London were Skepta had a sat in an interview, he  made it categorically in just synopses about her mom trip in Nigeria. here is what he said as gotten from mom
“She’s written a book. It’s finished. Everybody will be able to read about her travels from Nigeria in the civil war. “She can’t believe it so she had to write it down.”
The rapper is promising everyone to hold on with the coming out story and also believe that it gonna be interesting
“I really want people to see where my mom has come from.” he said
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