Singer Davido Bounce Out with His 2017 Cars

This year brings with it a great addition to Davido’s cars. Not long ago everybody was convinced that Davido's latest car was Range Rover. This car was given to him as a gift for Christmas. It is a wonderful gift, isn't it? Its price range starts from N80 million. Father Christmas was very favorable to Davido. We imagine he must have been a good boy last year.

Davido shared the photo of his white Range Rover with the caption “Zero Recession”. What does it mean? Maybe he is trying to let everyone know that didn’t lose any money throughout the year. His income doesn’t depend on the current state of the Nigerian economy, which isn’t thriving. Davido has shown and affirmed that his songs and performances are really productive and profitable.
Though, now this isn’t considered to be Davido's latest car. His garage was upgraded in 2017 by two new spectacular automobiles. The first is Range Rover and the second one is Mercedes GLE 250. WOW! Its price is estimated to vary from $33,775 to $50,825. Such a car is affordable only for affluent customers. Where did he earn so much money, I wonder? He shared photos of this luxurious car via Snapchat. Davido also showed his car's interior, seats, display, bluetooth etc. It is worth mentioning that the car is also designed for children as it has safety systems, anti-theft systems, special safety locks, emergency braking etc. It’s a real beast, it can reach the speed 60 miles per hour in just 7.2 seconds.

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