Rob Kardashian wishes Ex Blac Chyna Happy Mother's day he calls her the mother of his only child

Happy Mother's to blac chyna mother
Let's just Piggybacking the last update on top,Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Happy previously went on instagram showing a bit of reconciliation of their dispute.following the report so far it seem the pair are doing that very strong thing to welcome back their famous about how they loose the hope of their fans.

Having been together Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna once again spy in instagram,but this time Rob Kardashian is counting it on his own he wishes the ex mother a happy mother's day (Blac Chyna)who has received the precious gift from Nicki Minaj during her birthday
during her own HBD also.

"And happy mama's day to the mother of my only child @blacchyna :) I am so Thankful for our beautiful baby girl and so Thankful for YOU and never thought I could be this Happy so thank you for giving me Her," Rob wrote alongside a sweet video of Blac and Dream's greatest moments.he said

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