Remy Is In Trouble,Tapoze promise to slice her

Remy Is In Trouble,Tapoze promise to slice her

A woman claiming to be Papoose's alleged mistress who has taken to social media to threaten Remy, saying she will 'slice' remy ma and have her people 'bussing their guns.'

Tapoze is a woman who is acting as Papoose mistress ,Papoose is Remy's husband before she get in prison around but the Conner there was a rumor that her husband is having another woman out of her,though it may be a false but the person in question who is trying to slice Remy have promise to put her down and also have her people in meaning that all she needs is Remy's husband.  

Topaze reveals that she got pregnant during their relationship with Papoose when Remy was still in prison three years ago. The alleged mistress eventually has a daughter with the 39-year-old rapper. And now Tapoze says she will "slice" Remy and have her people "bussing their guns."

Papoose's hit with the alleged cheating scandal earlier this month. While the full story is yet to be uncovered, Remy's reportedly "totally unbothered" by the rumor that her husband has a love child. An insider told that the "shETHER" raptress "trusts Papoose. 

She never questions his loyalty to her." "Especially not after the way he held her down when she was locked up," the source continued. "He came and saw her almost every single day. He'd be there from the minute visiting hours started until they kicked him out, and then they'd be on the phone after that. He doesn't believe for a second he was out there with some sidechick."

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