Read The Story Behind Jay Z Business Partner Accused Of Trashing A New York Recording Studio

Jay Z Business Partner
Jay z has fallen into the hands of bad omen,the partner in question is currently on Curb of court charge for engaging in an act that can never seen as a misdemeanor but that's a hug wrong doing.Juan Perez is Jay Z partner who run Roc Nation with a full aspect alining business which we can refer to be a partner with Beyonce husband.

So far,the name bearer Juan Perez has been accused of trashing a New York Recording Studio as we got the report genuinely.Juan Perez is chief of Roc Nation may be lets give him the name president of Roc Nation who is under leap up ignite and he is being sued by the landlord of the West 27th Street recording studio, which has been used by his famous business partner and his wife Beyonce.

The complaint, lodged by landlord Joel Berman in Manhattan Supreme Court, alleges executives of the Roc the Mic studio complex stopped paying rent and left the premises in 2015 in a damaged state with exposed wires and holes in the ceiling, rendering it unusable without repairs.

According to New York Post’s Page Six, Perez was the guarantor of the five-year lease which was signed on behalf of Roc the Mic in 2012 for the space. Perez, the rapper’s longtime collaborator and co-founder of his 40/40 Club, is accused of removing electrical equipment from the studio and a prized New York Yankees uniform from baseball star Alex Rodriguez, whose current girlfriend Jennifer Lopez has also recorded there, that had been displayed on the wall.

“They basically trashed the place and left a lot of junk behind,” Berman’s lawyer Gil Santamarina told Page Six. “Joel has been unable to re-rent the space, in part because of the condition in which it was left.” Berman is seeking $500,000 in damages from Perez.
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