Nicki Minaj New Dinner Hang out with Nas reported as Dating

Nicki Minaj New Dinner Hang out with Nas reported as Dating
Day by day Nicki is still busy to light in her media full of fuel.there was a swirling with the Grade A 4.0 liker (Nicki Minaj).Nas and Nicki Minaj had a dinner hang out but the rumor has it,the 34-year-old rapper Wilhelmina fuel it with the photo which was taken during the be with me as she and Nas enjoyed there night.

In just during the moment with Nas she and a new slang after after optioning out to her as the queen of rap but this time she has claimed it again here is what she said Only KINGS recognize QUEENS so Nicki captions the photo featuring her getting cuddly with Nas, with the "Queens Get the Money" rapper putting his arm around the "No Frauds" raptress. "@sweetchicklife has the best food," she adds, "congrats @nas." They're seen wearing matching necklaces. you got what she's saying time.
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It's unclear if they're having something to celebrate or just talking about their next music projects, but they look too intimate not to be dating. Some of her fans have since flooded her comment section with praises, one of whom calls Nicki's potential new flame an upgrade.

"Yes Nicki this is how you upgrade it's a good look," one fan wrote. "Can't nobody try to diss Nicki or Nas right now when you see them just stay in your lane. Real power couple right here." There's also a user who simply asked, "Is this official that u 2 are dating[?]" "What a nice couple...Nicki's a good girl...And Nas it was time for you to find the one as Nicki is your type. You like the good girl, attractive w/ a little edginess. You lucky woman Nicki...that was my crush, LOL. Best wishes !!!!" another fan gushed.
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