Kylie Jenner Split with Tyga Now the relationship with Travis Scott is going stronger

Travis Scott and kylie jenner are Getting Serious in relationship
Like seriously the Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner is putting things more stronger every day by day.but upon everything she's doing he is still sitting on the fence we are on confuse about the TV star how she is mingling with fellow celebs.she told us earlier that tyga is her first lover also a bad guy yet she split with him.

Several report about the Jenner daughter regarding to her dating dash with this two rappers at the same time she's yet to make a decision.last month Travis was facing it as an awkward with Kylie jenner after meditating over that Kylie is try to earn money for tyga using him and source also report that she is still hovering with tyga on instagram having his photos at home.

A new report recently has it that the dating is getting stronger,thought the pair lover took it last month,publicly they are making it to showcase that they are serious with the loving one another.TMz report recently that the love at hand now with Scott and Jenner has gone from a casual fling to something a lot more serious.

That's not all, either — Kylie has even met Scott's family, so clearly this really is serious (or at least more serious than the last time Kylie was with someone who wasn't Tyga). Sources say that it's been a smooth ride for the couple so far with zero drama whatsoever. Good for them!
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