Kylie Jenner run Into renting Business

Kylie Jenner is a business woman
Kylie Jenner is a business lover from cosmetics now she is moving into renting business.but what will you think about if you hear that dating lover is rent out residency for the people who have dream to be on that high class may be something like Insanely Luxurious Mansion In Beverly Hillsyeah that's one of her house she is renting out to the people and is costing as low as $125k a month.

But if we may ask,Kylie who is doing all the for the propose of money do you think that she seeking more dollars from the Travis Scott who is suspecting her for duping up?,ok let just believe that the girl who claimed that Tyga is her first lover can make her own money with trying to sort that intention from Travis Scott.

TMZ also have the same mind up with us reporting  that Kylie intentionally decided to rent a home in Beverly Hills while work is being done on her $12 million dollar house in the Hidden Hills. Kylie's new, temporary living space sits on the edge of a cliff, which means the view alone is amazing.

Sources also say that the 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom home also features a kitchen fit for a professional chef, an envy-worthy home theater, and a library that has its own bar. what do you think about the business?
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