Julia Roberts' Husband Reportedly Furious as She Travels to Africa With Bear Grylls

Julia Roberts' Husband Reportedly
Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are hit with marriage woe rumor, yet again. After numerous reports that their relationship has been in trouble, now it's claimed that Julia's cameraman husband is furious over the actress' trip to Africa with survivalist Bear Grylls.

The "Money Monster" star and the British adventurer are teaming up for children's charity Red Nose Day. While their mission in the country is to deliver vaccines for impoverished African kids, Danny is worried that romance could "explode" between the two during their charity trip, Radar Online reports. "While that sounds like a great charity event, it's also a perfect time and place for a sizzling romance to explode between the pair - and Danny knows it," a source tells the site.

Though Bear has been married to Shara Cannings Knight since 2000, "anything can happen during those romantic African nights in the wild - especially to an actress who's aging, and with marriage problems," the source adds. "No wonder Danny didn't want her to go. This could be the final nail in the coffin of their marriage," the source notes, as Julia and Danny's marriage has reportedly been falling apart.

Danny has allegedly moved out of the house they shared with their three children, twins Hazel and Finn, and son Henry, to a smaller one nearby. Like before, Julia and Danny remain mum on the rumor. See a picture of Julia and Danny's trip to Africa below and decide it yourself if there's romance between the two.
Julia Roberts' Husband Reportedly
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