Jennifer Lopez Is Suspecting his lover Alex Rodriguez why- hiring investigators to look peek on him

Alex Rodriguez cheating on jennifer lopz
I said that they are working to fast in this type dating,we update early about that were the loving loving couple moving to fast in dating.when it come in dating nowadays women wasn't a heartbreaking i mean they want to took every thing on their arms for  example what we are going to tell you about the peripheral encounter with Jennifer Lopez.

What is the question asking? is Alex Rodriguez cheating on her?. you know when something happens it happens for a reason and the reason might be either negative or positive.Jennifer Lopez Is Suspecting his lover Alex Rodriguez i think this's the first time that the rumored dating with drake is (Jennifer Lopez) given to this to his current lover Alex Rodriguez.

Pushing the new story ahead,source has it that "Ain't Your Mama" songstress already heirs private investigator to peek on lover Alex Rodriguez.dose it looks so crazy? she thinks he that he would be back to his "player" self.

We also believed that Alex Rodriguez is a cheater because he once caught cheating to his wife ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis following their split during the year 2008 and because this act the lady in current dating never trust him and as well thinking that he might act wrongly when she's not available for him and that's why she Piggybacking on private investigators to take charge over him.

The alleged source further claims that J-Lo is worried about Alex's reputation for being a "player" and that she "doesn't want to be another notch in A-Rod's belt." The source even believes that the "Shades of Blue" actress has reached out to Alex's ex-wife and ex-girlfriends like Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz to consult them on whether she should stay with him or not.

Despite the rumors, their relationship seems to be getting serious as they have reportedly been talking about marriage although they have only been dating for three months. It's said that J-Lo would even say yes if Alex asked her to marry him.

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