Is Meek Mill Playing Drake Punch Line Back To Back?

Meek Mill Still Plays Drake's "Back To Back" Diss Track "For Motivation"
Meek Mill is motivated for something,however the rapper keep off with Nicki Minaj for about months now, the pair seem on good part without showing any effect though Nicki Minaj noticed earlier about dating meek mill after he gave out the ring to his new GF which was already returned to meek mill by Nicki minaj before the king singer made it out as a gift to his new girlfriend.

Just in another episode of Meek Mill and Drake,Meek Mill seem deriving joy playing Drake back to back punch line,you and i knew it Back to Back i a diss track by Drake were he shoot out his punch to meek Mill.

On Friday night (May 26),Meek Mill spy in Drake back to back obviously playing it as motivational inspiration.''i play this for motivation back to back avendadors''  he caption on a post on IG.peek below
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Meek hinted at a “Back to Back” remix on his DC4, but the project was released without such a song. He and Drake battled it out in the summer of 2015 after the Dreamchasers leader accused the Toronto star of using a ghostwriter. Many said that Meek took the L in the battle because “Back to Back” blew up the radio and Hot 100 charts.

Meanwhile his lone diss track in the fight, “Wanna Know” was short-lived as producer Jahlil Beats utilized The Undertaker’s WWE song for the beat and it was soon removed from all platforms. Looking back on “Back to Back” in the fall of 2016, Meek admitted the song was “hot,” but said it lacked punch as a diss track. He also shared that the reason he didn’t release a proper response was because he was touring at the height of the beef. See the clip of Meek Mill listening to Drake’s “Back to Back” above and check out the original song below.
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