Is Beyonce Boss From Hell ?

Is Beyonce Knowles boss from hell? Rumor has it, the "Single Ladies" hitmaker, who is a known perfectionist, makes her employees work until 2 A.M.

According to an insider, after she finishes her show, she always makes notes and sends it to her staff. "No detail is too small," the insider tells Naughty Gossip, "After every show she watches her own personal private recording and emails notes.

She notices everything, from the shadows the lights make to her hair being out of place. Each staff receives a detailed email of what she likes and doesn't like no matter what time of day. She has even been known to fire off 'notes' at 2am in the morning." According to the insider, Queen Bey is a big believer in silence before every show.

"Her dressing room is silent. She is getting in the zone and everything is communicated by her eyes not her voice. She demands a peaceful environment where she can get mentally ready to be Beyonce," says the source.
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