I’m not an arrogant Pop star-Davido

I’m not an arrogant Pop star-Davido
Davido has found himself into a controversial argument and that's totally killing some of his music life.many fans and supporters thinks that OBO dad of  a new welcomed child Hailey is an arrogant pop s.Bounce out davido feels that people thinks that he is that bad guy though the pop star Davido was once a stubborn right from his childhood but finally dropped it after he found himself into excelling point even his Dami Duro in 2011 can prove that.

But knowing what Davido has in mind, it can also tell us that he knows it that his stubbornness is that cryptic and he slammed it over owing to his past life .however,having obtained his intention about the hug-wish which seem going viral,Davido already spoken out to the publication“I am a very free person but if you like say, I’m arrogant, I know I’m not arrogant.”
Davido even gave it example to prove what he is,you can ask the street about me am a free person he added.he also feels that even you give out money to the people that when they will actually know your value,he condemn that,
I’m not from the hood! It’s not about giving out money but it’s just me being free as an individual.he said.

“I feel that sometimes people just think I’m that way because if they have what I have they will go crazy, so I think that’s just the problem”,this has been his statement our the alleged charge people hovering over him
Previously davido was reportedly fought over Ice Prince but this be the reason why he is arrogant?what do you think about the pop star.
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