How to make a nice compliment to your baby mama during mother's day 50 Cent demonstrate with her baby mama

How to wish a mother's day
When ever it comes to fun fif is there to render it effectively,mothers day was recently  celebrated which Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were also involved But Rob shown what he gat for the Ex Blac Chyn.after some hours back 50 cent took it on instagram with no awkward but he demonstrate with her baby mama show it being run but that was extremely funny.

On that very good Monday the G-Unite boss who was once calling breezy armature party tour took on insta with his baby mama and flattered her with a nice compliment, before telling her to “get back to watching my baby” now that Mothers Day is over.

Alright looking good baby 👀,Mother's Day is over so back to watching my baby. LOL @daphnejoy,” 50 Cent jokingly said in good nature. he said

In addition to that, Fif also posted another pic of his first baby mama… his dog. Haha. An hour or so after the first post went live, Fif went back to his joking nature and said “Ok ok, here's a pic of me and my first baby mom.LOL” as his arm sat wrapped around his dog (see above). 50 gon’ be 50, and we gon' sit back and laugh. Check out the comical posts (below).
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