How 50 Cent Comfirms By Black Mafia Family

Hotnewhiphop reported last about FIF were he announced his plan to develop a hug show which was based on Demetrius big Meech Flenory.
The site also made it clear that 50 cent and his brother by name flenory was one of the pillar gate in black mafia family.during the year 1980,50 cent and his brother team up with some gang to build the back mafia family which is a business that was compile with and illegal drug trafficking organization.

The brothers in black mafia was captured letter and charge was made against them owning to their bad activities during some past years.

After that painful serving for about 30-year prison sentence, it a pleasure Big Meech was able to wrote to l50 last year, lending his blessings to the rapper and actor's plans, signalling a key step in the development of the project.see below
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During the weekend 50 Cent delivered an update on the series after publishing a video of a car with a few bricks stashed beneath the seats with the caption reading, "BMF series COMING SOON, you think you know, you have no idea. BIG MEECH."
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