He is My First Lover and a Bad Boy But I cant Let him Go-Kylie Jenner

His My First Lover and a Bad Boy But I cant Let him Go-Kylie Jenner
They were once called switch controller,the off and on lover who keep rotating the media and internet as a whole.she will continue to talk and talk about the boy who feels bad about her blossoming with Travis Scott.we all knew already that Travis dating Kylie Jenner but to him he thinks that the reality TV is playing around him with Tyga and even said that she's using him to obtain money for Tyga.

Let's croon it that soft that Kylie Jenner is still can't leave the lover Tyga.Radaronline is that observant as the site report that the Jealous of Nicki Minaj (Kylie Jenner)  is not seeing any misdemeanor over Tyga but she knew that he is cheating on her.She's hanging around Travis Scott as the source told the site but she is still having some feelings for Tyga.

“She still has photos of the two of them all over her house. His face is everywhere!”

“Kylie still talks about Tyga as if they are together, and it is obvious to her friends that everything she does right now is to try and make him jealous,”

the source said of the teen makeup mogul. “She’s obsessed with him.”

“Tyga was, and always will be, the first love of her life ,and she is not going to get over him that easy. It is just a matter of time before they are back together.”
source also told the site.what do you think?
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