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Family of Travis Scott ardors Kylie Jenner,they all thinks she's a total package

Travis scott family welomed Kylie jenner
We said it that the pair are having the seriousness in their relationship,thinking so far about the dating stories that keep surfacing online with Kylie Jenner,Tyga and Travis Scott who currently having the cosmetic girl as his girlfriend,it have gone a long way to figure out that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is truly in full dating with Kylie Jenner spit that she loves Tyga so much.

Do you Know that Travis Scott has finally took Jenner to his family,according report that Travis' family totally love Kylie as they think she's a "total sweetheart" to tyga.the family of Scott is so proud seeing Kylie Jenner coming to that rightful Home of Travis.they she's with Travis for all the right reasons, and that she's not using him for fame or fortune," an insider close to the family tells the webloid. Travis reportedly introduced his alleged girlfriend to his loved ones when the two traveled to his hometown of Houston for an NBA playoffs game on May 11.

Kylie Jenner love over Travis Scott is that little but agree that she gradually making up to him for any reason.Kylie following Scott tells that shes serious about him and the family of Scott is so happy for her.The riot inciting guy has finally made it up for all his inner reason and the family appreciate Kylie's "incredible love" to Travis

We have understand that Kylie the Jenner is someone truly love with care but the love with Tyga is not that truly caring because she feels that he is always cheating on her at any space he found himself specially when ever his on tour.

Kylie Jenner was previously report that she's renting out one of her mansion at the rate of $125k each to a single tenant.having carrying that in mind she is as well want Travis Scott to join her pack in with her new Beverly Hills rental mansion as her Calabasas home is currently under renovation.

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